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  • Single machine series
    • 5A tourist resort
    • 20 countries of the world
    • 2 national invention patents
    • 12 utility model patents
    Engineering series
    Company Profile
    Changzhou Farthest Machinery Co., Ltd. as a professional manufacturing company which combines project design, manufacturing and installation, has been committed to researching and developing feed machinery, bio-energy machinery, organic fertilizer machinery and complete sets of projects for many years. Our products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions of the world. We provide customers with a full range of mechanical engineering solutions. Founded in 2010, our company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, European Union CE compulsory certification, and has obtained 2 national invention patents and 12 utility mod...
    Company's scope of services
    Remote technical support

    When customer need technical support, farthest machinery will be the first time via the Internet and telephone calls and such tools for remote technical support, help customers meet problems, analyze and solve problems, make the customer can enjoy convenient remote service, production equipment debugging and feed smoothly and efficiently.

    On-site service

    If through remote technical support will not be able to resolve customer problems in the process of equipment installation and debugging,farthest machinery will arrange professional engineer to customer site, help customers to solve technical problems, fast production machinery and

    Spare parts service

    Farthest machinery for every batch of goods for the record from the archive, including equipment and specific technical parameters. Therefore, when the needs of customers for the parts late substitute and replace, vision machinery provide accurate models of accessories, and rapid

    Customer Tracking Service
    Early Consult
    Project Design
    Contract Signing
    Equipment Manufacturing
    Installation and Debugging
    Acceptance of Project
    Calling for Feedback
    • 400-188-7828
    • info@czfar.com
    • 0086-519-83107088
    • 9 # Jianye Road, Tianmuhu Industrial Park Area, Tianmuhu Town, Liyang, Jiangsu Province
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