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          Bucket elevator working principle demonstration

          Date: 2019/08/27

          The bucket elevator is mainly used as a kind of feed conveying equipment for the transportation of materials and other powders in the production process of large and medium-sized feed processing plants. It has the advantages of stable performance, large lifting capacity, simple structure and small floor space.

          Structure: The bucket elevator is mainly composed of three parts: the machine head, the fuselage and the machine base. The material used is carbon steel. The main transmission parts inside the fuselage - transmission belt (rubber belt or canvas belt) and two rollers, transmission belt A series of plastic hoppers are evenly mounted on the hopper, which is responsible for holding the material and transporting it to the nose portion. Compared with pneumatic conveying, it has the advantages of strong adaptability and energy saving, and the energy consumption is only 1/10-1/5 of pneumatic conveying.


          1. Compared with screw conveyor, bucket elevator adopts famous brand reducer, special one-time forming spiral blade, advanced variable pitch design, small pitch of feed port blade and large discharge pitch, so that the conveying volume is stable and not easy to block. It has the advantages of high lifting height, stable and reliable operation and long service life.

          2. It is suitable for the vertical conveying of materials in the feed processing unit. It adopts special sealing connection to avoid leakage, and the internationally-used splined connection is simple in folding and strong in fitting.

          3. The flanged medium-hanging bearing with special material is used for the connection. The optimized design structure is more reasonable. The durable material conveys the material more smoothly and the efficiency is higher than that of the general screw conveyor.

          4. The bucket hoist has a wide range of applications, except for the powder industry, which is suitable for the packing density P<2t /m3, particle size p<0.5mm, in coal, cement, stone, lime, Clay, ore, food, construction and other industries have a large number of applications.

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